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ICYMI: Jennifer Borden discusses the perils of losing investments to states via escheatment

Borden Consulting Group's Jennifer Borden joined NPR's "Planet Money" recently to discuss the perils of losing your investments to escheatment. ...
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Hello, Delaware? The Constitution is Calling

by Jennifer C. Borden & Jenna L. Bentley On December 6, 2019, AT&T filed a complaint in the United States ...
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With fall filing season on the horizon, do holders face added risk based on pending Raw Data Analytics case in New York?

In the late ‘90’s, the National Association of Unclaimed Property Advisors (“NAUPA”) endorsed a nationwide amnesty program in order to ...
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Prohibition Against Excessive Fines: Problematic for Estimation?

What do an admitted heroin dealer and a holder under an unclaimed property audit have in common?  Both may be subject ...
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